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meditation cushionOSHO Vipassana Retreat: 7-10 November 2019

In this structured 3-day workshop traditional Vipassana sittings are combined with Osho Active Meditations. This is an opportunity to take a step towards being with ourselves without any distractions and to find out what moves us, what pushes our buttons, where our thoughts are taking us…. The retreat structure, the silence, the sittings, the active meditations, the food and the group will all help in this adventure.

Where: FOIX, 09000, France

Cost: 340 euros – full board from Thursday dinner to Sunday lunch in dormitory (3-4 people sharing) accommodation

Contact: ou call +33 7 80 305 305


Osho-Mystic-RoseOSHO Mystic Rose with Nisargan : 22 February – 15 March

“I have invented many meditations, but perhaps this will be the most essential and fundamental one.”  Osho

Laugh, Cry, and Let the Scars of the Past Be Dissolved in Silence

For 21 days, laugh for 3 hours a day for 7 days, cry for 3 hours a day for 7 days, and then sit silently, for 3 hours a day for 7 days.

Whenever any experience is not fully lived in the moment, it leaves a residue inside us. It may be a small thing or something really significant but those residues or scars stay in the unconscious blocking our natural ability to flower to our full potential.

The course includes OSHO active meditations and Osho Evening Meeting every day. In the afternoons the space will be available for creativity.

Where : FOIX, 09000 France

When : from Saturday evening 22nd February to Sunday lunch 15th March

Price for participating: 600 euros

Price for shared accommodation with full board: 895 euros

Contact : or call +33 (0)780 305 305