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OSHO® Meditation training and Facilitation with Charna 13-17 May 2020

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active meditations L“Before you start doing a technique, be fully alert that you have understood it. Each technique is for bringing about a revolution in you. First try to understand the technique absolutely rightly.”  Osho

Enjoy deepening your understanding of the OSHO Meditations and learn the skills, gain the confidence to introduce them to others – with friends, in a spa or meditation center, in your business or other professional setting.

Your approach to meditation, and your understanding of the key points of each meditation, can make all the difference in your experience and in the benefits you take away.  This is true for yourself, and for the people who you are sharing these meditations with.

In these four days, we’ll put a lot of focus on the in-depth content of the OSHO meditations, and on the best way to get the most out of them – deepening your understanding of the ones you already know, and getting to know others that you have not yet explored. We’ll touch on many relevant points for facilitating these dynamite techniques. These days are informative, experiential, and fun.

Topics will include:
What is meditation?
❖Who/what is OSHO?
❖ The unique approach and “climate” around OSHO meditation
❖ The many OSHO Active Meditations in-depth: the science behind each of them, the essence of their steps, the vital points that make all the difference
❖ Short OSHO meditations for your day, and to use while being a facilitator
❖ Role of facilitator, guidelines for facilitating
❖ Your own questions and how to respond to meditators’ questions
❖ Grounding, relaxed communication, equipment use, presentation

You will receive a comprehensive Handbook, including the instructions for the OSHO meditations, tips for facilitating each meditation, additional supporting texts from Osho about the meditations and about facilitating, and more.“It will be good for you also. This is my observation, that there are many things that you learn only when you start teaching them. The best way to learn a thing is to teach it.” Osho


Some previous experience of Osho meditations is desirable.

You will receive a Certificate of Participation on conclusion of the course.

The workshop will be held in English with French translation.

Only 12 places are available, so early booking is recommended.

About the facilitator: Charna Luis Martin-Santos

Charna met Osho in 1983 and was involved in most of the living experiments that flourished around him in America and India until 1993. Since 1998 he has been actively involved in publishing Osho’s work in the Spanish language.
He works as a Literary Agent and helps to publish authors in the category of Meditation, Spirituality, Creativity and Well-being. In 2014 he created a platform to teach and share Osho Meditations in collaboration with Garimo Ackerman and  OSHO International. He visits and contributes regularly at the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, where he keeps deepening and enjoying the living experiment that represents the place.
Wednesday 13 May, 6 pm— Sunday 17 May, 16 pm 
Lieu-Dit La Rochelle, FOIX, 09000 France, 1h 30 min from Toulouse and Carcassonne international airports.
350 € – tuition fees, manual, certificate of participation with your name on, access to all the meditations
245 – food and accommodation for 4 days
Contact: email or call +33 780 305 305