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OSHO Vipassana Retreat

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Osho Vipassana Retreat: 7-10 November 2019

In this structured 3-day workshop traditional Vipassana sittings are combined with Osho Active Meditations. This is an opportunity to take a step towards being with ourselves without any distractions and to find out what moves us, what pushes our buttons, where our thoughts are taking us…. The retreat structure, the silence, the sittings, the active meditations, the food and the group will all help in this adventure.

When : from Thursday 7th November 4 pm to Sunday 10th November 4 pm

Where: FOIX, 09000, France

Cost: 340 euros – full board from Thursday dinner to Sunday lunch in dormitory (3-4 people sharing) accommodation

Contact: ou call +33 7 80 305 305

The Retreat Structure

Each day of the retreat starts with an Osho Active Meditation. After breakfast there are a few sessions of sitting and walking meditation, interrupted by a session of work as meditation. After our lunch and rest we will continue with a few sessions of silent sitting, followed by Osho Kundalini and Satsang. There will be a few more sittings after dinner, with an optional sitting before bedtime.
The sound of the gong will indicate the start and finish of our sitting and walking sessions. The sound of bells will call us back to the meditation room after our meals or rest. It is important to be alert to these sounds and forget all about looking at the clock for a few days. Follow the sound of the bells. Allow yourself to be gadget-free: no mobile phone, internet, music, books, notebooks. Turn your attention inwards.


A period of conscious silence can give back meaning and weight to the words we say. So there will be silence for the duration of the retreat. This also means keeping our eyes lowered, looking only about five feet ahead, thus avoiding eye contact. It is recommended that no reading or writing be done during the retreat – this is just another way of escaping into our imagination, missing this moment again. Also notice how automatic our social niceties have become – the desire to greet, or to thank, or to apologise…. For any questions or practical matters there will be time and space to talk to the facilitators.

Work as Meditation

Each day of the retreat has a session of light physical work; for example, weeding the garden, chopping veggies, or cleaning the shared space. Apart from helping with the daily chores, there are several benefits of work as meditation:

  • moving our body and using a different set of muscles. This can be very refreshing after long periods of sitting meditation
  • exercising mindfulness in a different setting, such as being mindful of the physical sensation of the broom/knife/cloth in our hands
  • experiencing that meditation is part of the daily life, not separate from it. Can we continue to be alert and aware while doing something? Sitting in a quiet meditation hall is one thing, staying centred and aware while being in a busy office, or dealing with difficult situations in our personal lives, is quite another. The retreat is a perfect training ground for this and, if we can remain present and aware while doing simple tasks, we will be able to manage more difficult tasks too.


The lighter the food, the deeper the meditation goes. All food on the retreat is vegetarian, carefully prepared and organic where possible. There are three meals a day with a tea break in the afternoon. People with special dietary requirements can be catered for. Please let us know at the time of booking.

What to bring

  • comfortable, loose clothing suitable for active meditations
  • layers of warm, comfortable clothing for silent sittings – a shawl, if you prefer
  • indoor slip-on shoes
  • meditation cushions and chairs are provided but you are welcome to bring your own meditation stool, cushion and mat if you prefer
  • a bottle of water with your name on it that you can refill