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Tibetan Pulsing Intensive

1 – 7 August 2020 

with Sujay Zeibig 

The Tibetan-Pulsing-Intensive is a key to the mysteries of human consciousness on all levels. This work can be neither taught nor learned. Realization happens through intense experience of the various areas of our own subconscious, thus the different “glasses” through witch we experience our inner and outer world become visible. Our view on our life changes and so does our life in consequence.

This group will happen in English with French translation and it is residential with three meals a day included.

Find out more about Eye Reading (in French and English)

Prices :

workshop : 750 EUR if paid before the end of June and 800 EUR thereafter

meals and accommodation in shared rooms : 490 EUR

meals and camping in own tent: 315 EUR


Stillness in Movement

A workshop of Gurdjieff Movements with Shruti

16-18 October 2020 

A unique workshop of dance, exercises meditation and stillness.

This group will happen in English with French translation.

Places are limited to 8 participants only.


275 EUR all-inclusive of workshop, food and accommodation in shared ensuite bedrooms.

100 euros for the workshop only.


Reminding Yourself the Forgotten Language of Taking to the BodyMind  

Course and Training with Vatayana

23-29 October 2020

“The body is the most complex mechanism in existence – it is simply marvelous. And blessed are those who marvel.”  Osho

OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your Bodymind is a guided one-week process, lasting one hour per day. It can then be continued or refreshed at any time.

OSHO Dynamic, Kundalini and Evening Meeting are of great support in this process and will be made available each day.

The course and the training will happen in English with French translation.

Prices :

Course for one week, one hour a day and access to meditations : 75 EUR 

Training – for women only and if you’ve done this course before: 380 EUR. You will receive a manual, the audio, practical advice and training of how to use your voice etc etc… Upon completion you will receive a certificate that will allow you to share this course with others.

Meals and accommodation in shared ensuite rooms : 490 EUR

OSHO Meditation Weekend

in-house event

Dates to be decided

A weekend full of Osho active meditations and lesser known techniques from “The Book of Secrets”. The programme will be published closer to the time.

COST for Day guests : Full weekend (Friday 3 pm to Sunday 4 pm) 60 EUR or 20 euros for 1/2 day and 30 euros for a full day on Saturday. It will be possible to book a meal with 24h notice.

COST for Live in guests 175 EUR (~10 places available in shared ensuite accommodation) with breakfast, light lunch and dinner for 2 nights, starting with Friday dinner and finishing with Sunday lunch .